Rock-A-Bye Baby.

While I was in search for the best slimming pills on the internet {Not for me though, but for someone I know who just couldn’t find a way to lose the extra pounds.}, I came across this set of free actions from My Four Hens Photography.


This set of real pretty actions is compatible with Photoshop Elements 5 through Photoshop CS 4. Actions include Patty Cake, Blusher, Carbon Paper and Yellow Haze. You can download these pretty actions here.

Web Drop Shadow PS/PSE Action.

I remember doing this manually, editing the photo, cropping and then adding a drop shadow afterwards, during my early days of blogging. I am visual so I want my blog to be filled with photos and nice images as well. But later on, I got tired doing so much editing so I just posted my photos as they are.

However Coffeeshop released another set of free action that crops, sharpens for web and adds a drop shadow to your photo.


You can get the action here.