Ways To Enhance Your Creativity.

I am feeling creative lately, as I have been scrapping most of my free time. There are still occasions when I stumble, especially when I feel overwhelmed with all my photos that I just want to scrap them the fastest I can. Because you know I just scrap slow and I get impatient. But then my OC-ness would take over, and I would realize that I don’t want to scrap just for the sake of scrapping. It is my creative outlet, and I want to enjoy the process. If not for the fat burners that I need to order for my bro, I will surely be scrapping the day away.

And speaking of being creative, here are ways for us to enhance our creativity when it comes to taking pictures. This is another interest of mine that I need to make time for, real soon.

1. Never Stop Thinking About Photos
2. Embrace Your Mistakes & Chance
3. Find inspiration
4. Break the Rules
5. Have No Fear
6. Extract Yourself

Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/6-ways-to-enhance-your-creativity.

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