Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1.

And just like that, I am totally over my obsession with the orange bag. I am glad I didn’t buy the bag as I am now saving for something a whole lot better. Suddenly my need to learn more about eye creams, and bags and other girly stuff has taken a back seat. This is seriously giving me palpitations. I so want to have this.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

I compared my current LX3 with GF1 through Snapsort, and what do you know GF1 won. I am also reading LetsGoDigital’s GF1 review and test shots.

Free Black and White Actions.

I have been reading about colon cleanse lately. This is something I might consider and I want to know the benefits of it for my health. I had to pause for a while though as I came across this set of free Photoshop actions. This works for Photoshop, but the author likewise provided versions for Photoshop Elements.


This action works best for already fixed images. But you need not worry as you can likewise download an action to quick fix your images. You can download them here.

It’s The Real Thing.

My boy is indeed going to big school. I just added raincoat and boots to my back-to-school shopping list. I think I will be missing the comforts that we had when he was still in toddler school. The school was situated inside the mall, that we never had to experience rains or anything like that. Now, we are off to the big school. But I know this is a part of growing up. We have to get out of our own little box. So let’s just enjoy this new experience.

First Pair.


My son wearing his first ever pair of jeans. I am not sure how old he was in this photo. Maybe around one year. Just the other day, I showed this pair of jeans to him and it was sooo small already. This jeans I am keeping as a souvenir. Don’t you just miss shopping for baby clothes? I do. Baby clothes are just so cute that I always end up buying more than my son needs and they would end up unused.

On Houses.

Aside from taking pictures, I am likewise fascinated with homes and houses. I even created a blog solely for this interest just so I can have a place to gather all the home design tips and photos of lovely homes I came across on the internet. And by the time that I have the funds to build my ultimate dream home, I can just refer to my collection. Anyway, while checking out my favorite home blogs, I came across this beautiful, quiet, little beach town in Costa Rica called Tamarindo. This place was once referred to as a secret paradise and currently, hundreds of condos and homes are being built in the area. The place is so beautiful making the location one of the hottest real estate markets in the world. You may check out Tamarindo Real Estate to know more of the place.

12 Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos.

I am loving my new phone. It’s not a high-end one, in fact, it’s the cheapest phone that has most of the features that I want. The only problem I have with it is the quality of its photos. Or is it just me. Anyway, I came across these 10 camera photos that rock {}, and made me want to experiment more with my camera phone. Anyway, I found these tips for DPS that will help us take better camera phone photos.

1. Light Your Subject Well.
2. Get Close to Your Subject.
3. Keep Still.
4. Edit Images Later.
5. Don’t Throw Away ‘mistakes’.
6. Avoid Using the Digital Zoom.
7. Experiment with White Balance.
8. Take loads of Shots and Experiment.
9. Follow Rules of Composition (and then Break them).
10. Keep Your Lens Clean.
11. Observe Camera Phone Etiquette.
12. Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone.

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