Taking A Break.

We are taking a break from our photography gig. I always thought that I wanted to get paid doing what I love, taking pictures that is. However, now is not a good time to actually focus on that. We are still taking very limited gigs anyway. But we have priorities and sadly that is not on top of the list. It just takes so much of our time and energy. Time and energy that we could have spent with the family. Yeah, covering an event is exhausting, not to mention the post processing of photos that comes afterwards. Now I understand why such services cost a lot! I’m sure now we’ll have a lot of free time and so DH is looking forward to getting an electric guitar and who knows maybe a tascam dp 24. I, on the other hand, is still in search of a piano repairman.

Maybe The Old Songs.

When I was a lot younger, I did a lot of relating life to songs. I don’t do that so much anymore, if not at all. Maybe it comes with age? But then again, there are indeed songs that when you hear them play, they somewhat bring you back memories. Anyway, not to become to sentimental, I really do want DS to have even just a little interest in music. I notice lately though that he loves to sing, and most of time he is in tune! Maybe the videoke sessions I had while pregnant with him is now showing its effects. Haha. And if he does get interested I’m sure DH will be more than willing to look into yamaha mixer at guitar center and the likes. All for the love of music.


My sites are lacking updates, mostly sensible ones. I am contemplating if I should go on with this or should I finally let go of them. I will be transferring two of my older sites (I hope my host assists me on this one.) – one I will be getting a new .com for it.

Been very preoccupied with browsing craft projects – sewing, cross stitch, crocheting. I can’t believe I haven’t been to the mall for three weeks now. It’s like I had a treatment for heroin detox or more specifically, a shopping detox. Thanks however to the tons of projects I have collected, I never felt bored. Now, to actually start on a project…

I always thought that I wanted to get paid taking pictures. I am kinda doing that now and I honestly don’t feel that good about it. First, because it just takes too much of our time and getting someone to look after DS isn’t that easy. Though I like covering events and I do like candids and I can only take those during events, it takes so much time away from the family especially during weekends. And with my son being in school, weekends are the only time we are actually together. So we decided to accept gigs on a very limited basis. And perhaps I should just put up my own studio and just do sessions at home.

Rock It.

I have been wondering why most of the seven-year-old parties of little girls nowadays are rock star themed? The colors are fuschia pink and purple and sometimes black with silver, complete with musical instruments, from drums to tony franklin bass even, as props. Not to mention, the lighting and lit-up dance floor and sound system that are rented for the event. And yes, there are even performers to sing and dance for the event. I guess it’s hard for me to relate as I have a boy. But yeah such parties are a lot of fun!

TV Person.

I was more of a TV person before. Perhaps that was the reason why we never invested in music players, and the likes. We just have a small radio in the house, that’s it. As of the moment though I am thinking of getting myself a tiny radio for my work area. Anyway DH has been telling me about this fostex pmo.4n powered studio monitor he came across online. I’m not sure where he’ll use it for. We’ll see if we can have that. Besides the one we saw online offer really great discounts.